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The Magritte Condition


In Michael's words, "It seemed only fitting, upon painting my Self-Portrait, that I created it as a mirror image, using a drumhead as the mirror".

The viewer sees the image, reflected back, as Michael would see upon striking the drum. This acrylic painting (on a 22" diameter Bass Drum head) is also a tip of the hat to one of Michael's favorite artists, M.C. Escher, and his brilliant 1935 work, Hand with Reflecting Sphere.

Self-Portrait is being offered as a giclée on canvas print, with a Limited production of 62 signed and numbered pieces.

The canvas measures 26" x 26".

Evolution of Self-Portrait

  • DSCN1703
    Enoch, AB, Canada
  • DSCN1708
    Saskatoon, SK, Canada
  • DSCN1716
    Winnepeg, MB, Canada
  • DSCN1718
    Thunder Bay, ON, Canada
  • DSCN1723
    Rama, ON, Canada
  • DSCN1731
    Lansing, MI
  • DSCN1735
    Oshkosh, WI
  • DSCN1744
    Bay City, MI
  • DSCN1756
    Fargo, ND
  • DSCN1782
    Rochester, NY
  • DSCN1786
    Lakeport, NH
  • DSCN1795
    Burlington, VT
  • DSCN1841
    Eugene, OR
  • DSCN1845
    Sacramento, CA
  • DSCN1866
    Wendover, NV
  • DSCN1892
    New York City
  • DSCN1896
    New York City