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The Four Davids are a series of paintings, which represent 100 years of art history. Each painting is a double homage: initially, a tribute to Michelangelo and his brilliant statue of the David and then, inspired by works from Van Gogh, Picasso, Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol. Each painting is named David—followd by a year, which signifies the year of the painting of inspiration. Therefore, the paintings are named David 1889, David 1937, David 1965, and David 1984. The original paintings are each 48" x 48".

The Four Davids are being offered as giclée on canvas prints in two signed and numbered editions: individually, sied 32" x 32" (limited production of 250 pieces) and all four on one canvas, sized 32" x 32" (limited production of 350 pieces).

The Four Davids- 60 Second Trailer:

The Four Davids- 6 Minute Documentary: